Llangadog Community Energy Project

AGL-Energy have been exploring the possibility of generating energy for the local community for some time, to bring down energy bills, reduce reliance on an over-stretched grid, and reduce carbon emissions.  To that end, we have been in discussions with an organisation called Energy Local whose goal is to enable local communities to make use of locally generated energy to reduce bills and carbon emissions.

Energy Local have supported a pilot project in Bethesda, and you can read about it and the experiences of a community member making use of locally-produced energy here.

The good news is that Energy Local have selected AGL-Energy as a company that they would like to support in bringing about this co-operative project.

So, what happens now?

The Next Steps

We will be attending the Llangadog Show on 5th August and holding an open day on 12th August 2017 to introduce ourselves to the local community members that would like to be part of the scheme. We are looking for around 30-35 houses initially, and plan to increase these numbers across the next 2 years. We will then complete our discussions with the energy company that we have in discussions with, and get the ball rolling!

How it works

  • AGL-Energy produce the electricity at the anaerobic digestion plant in Llangadog using green waste to make biogas.
  • The community scheme members and the energy supplier agree a unit price that will be payable by every member of the scheme for their electricity, which will be cheaper than the unit price currently paid.
  • The energy supplier will fit a new meter that will enable half-hourly monitoring of the electricity usage for each household.
  • Connection to the national grid is maintained to guarantee continuity of service.
  • AGL-Energy and Energy Local provide support and guidance where needed.

What is the benefit to the community?

  •  A reduction in electricity prices.
  • Greater control over your own bills and electricity usage.
  • The opportunity to make use of responsibly and sustainably generated electricity.
  • A reliable and  consistent electricity supply.
  • An increase in the sense of community.

Call 01550 777621 for further information, or come and say hi at our open day.




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